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Carrie Brinton is an accomplished entrepreneur and the founder of Elase Medical Spas and the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA). Elase operates four offices across the Wasatch front and is one of the most successful medical spas in the nation. NIMA offers courses for aspiring medical aestheticians in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver and Seattle. Carrie is a former consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and Adjunct Professor.
Human Resources

Pros and Cons of the Remote Workforce Model

Quarantine due to COVID-19 forced many businesses to adopt a remote workforce model. But if you think working remoting is just a passing trend, think again.

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5 Leadership Skills for Business Owners

Not everyone who starts a business is a natural born leader. It takes innovation, resourcefulness, and determination to create a new company, but successfully running the business after it is launched requires a completely different skill set.

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Small Business Owner vs. Entrepreneur: Which are you?

Woman Entrepreneur

Most business owners start out with a common goal of working for themselves. They are motivated by different things, such as the desire to have more creative control over their work or to make more money. Regardless of their primary motivation, millions of Americans who run their own business would agree that there is no reward without risk.

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