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5 Reasons to Reconsider Your Accounting Strategy

To run a successful business, you must regularly monitor the financial performance of your company. Instead of becoming too comfortable with the same accounting system, you should always be open to considering new procedures that provide the best support for your company’s financial goals. The following are indications that it may be time to seek out a more effective accounting strategy for your growing business.

1. The Accounting Needs Of Your Business Seem Overwhelming

The accounting needs of your business will become more complex as it grows, and you may suddenly find yourself in unfamiliar territory. As you strive to improve your company’s profitability, it is important to stay on top of your legal obligations as well. To keep financial records updated and in accordance with applicable regulations and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), you will need to enlist the help of a qualified professional. Interstate commerce, local and state tax application, foreign exchange rates, and international regulations may all require the assistance of an expert.

One solution that will save you time and money is to use outsourced accounting services. This will reduce your risk of getting into trouble with the IRS by having access to a team of knowledgeable professionals. With outsourced accounting services, you will be able to take control of complex financial situations without the expense of hiring a full-time accountant or the stress of building a new team.

2. Your Staff Is Getting Distracted With Bookkeeping Duties

If your employees are neglecting some of their regular duties in order to help manage bookkeeping, it is time to consider using outsourced financial services. This will allow your staff members to focus on their central roles without the distraction of accounting duties. By using an online accounting service, your employees will have faster access to all of the documents they need. The productivity of your team will improve, and you will not have to worry about whether GAAPs are satisfied.

3. You Need A Team Of Financial Experts

If your accounting needs have grown beyond the capacity of one person, you can expand your accounting structure by using an online bookkeeping service. This virtual team of experts will cost a fraction of the price you would pay to use a CPA to help with bookkeeping. Online accounting services will also give you and your team valuable insight that you may have difficulty accessing on your own.

If you have been using a dedicated CPA for all of your bookkeeping activities, you may want to look into alternative services that charge significantly less for specific tasks. The hourly rates of experienced bookkeepers, including those you hire through a professional bookkeeping service, are usually much lower than the hourly rate charged by a CPA. It is important that you choose a professional who will not only offer the peace of mind of dependable financial services, but will also help to minimize your overhead.

4. Your Accounting Software Is Not Up-To-Date

Outdated accounting software can cost you a lot of time and money, which are the very resources that these computer programs are intended to preserve. With technology changing so quickly, your software must be up to date in order to be efficient. Whether you need computer applications for daily tasks such as billing and invoicing or for other activities such as time and expense management, the current generation of accounting software is designed to save a lot of valuable time. The best solution is to use online accounting software that allows you to take full advantage of all the latest features as they are introduced.

The most current accounting technology includes solutions for expense reporting, general ledger, time tracking, inventory, and bill payment. With such a massive volume of applications to choose from, you may want to ask for access to demos. Next,  you can review how well these applications integrate with your current system. In some cases, one or more solutions may provide easier synchronization and integration without sacrificing the level of data management.

5. Your Business Is Growing Faster Than Expected

It is important to make sure that any investment in accounting software is properly aligned with your company’s projected growth. If the need arises for a larger staff or if the market presents an opportunity for expansion, it will be very helpful if your software has scalability. This is yet another advantage of outsourcing online accounting services, which can be easily scaled up when the time is right. Your business can take advantage of any additional features that are needed on demand.

Whether you need help with daily tasks, incorporating mobility solutions, or learning more about expanding service markets, outsourcing and using online accounting services can provide you with the information you need to make the best financial decisions for your business. By consistently modifying your accounting strategy, you are supporting the financial health of your company. Taking advantage of online and outsourcing solutions will help you to stay on top of your legal responsibilities while watching your business grow and thrive.

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Author: Janet Behm
Janet has over 25 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Business Broker, and CFO; with specialties in Accounting, Tax, Systems Development, Internal Auditing, Management, Consulting, Contract Review, and Training. She has worked.... read more
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